How do I open the Alert beside my profile icon?


It says “1”. I have tried and tried to open it to see what it means!

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Just realised you meant here in discourse! There can be two numbers, blue or green, each on opposite sides at the top of the profile pic. If you send me a direct message, I’ll figure out what exactly is done to access it, and reply to you.



the blue ones at the right are for a count of replies on topics you have set to “watching” or “tracking”. Just click on it and a popup of your alerts appears, similar to in iNat

the green ones at left are for direct messages. Not sure how to bring those up yet, if someone will DM me I can find out!



Just to clarify: you are going to click on the profile photo icon (larger than the tiny colored alert circles) which will drop down a menu

there will also be a blue alert circle when someone adds a :heart: (in addition to alerts from actual written replies)

the DMs will also appear in the same drop-down in the list along with the “likes” and “replies”

alternatively, you can go to your own profile page and look at the notifications tab which may be easier to read.

Hope that’s useful.

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Please share a screenshot if you can.

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Thank you all for your replies. I thoughtg I had set my account to get email notifications of replies, but I did not so only just saw this.

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The 8 in a blue circle at right has disappeared, after I opened this thread, so presumably it covered the replies to my query…and some other things…?

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If you click the downward pointing arrow, you can retrieve all your old notifications:

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Thanks. Clicking all over the dropdown list had not taken me to the unread message, but in the end I did find another view of a list of messages, under my profile icon in pale writing to the left above the list of messages, a list of categories like account etc. Under messages, I found one from the bot, it had a blue spot, Unread. I opened it and the Notification circle went away.
It seems you have to open all the boxes to find where the unread item is.

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