What caused the blue moon overlapping my profile photo?

I’ve tried to figure out in my settings what I did to cause the blue moon on my profile photo, but I still don’t know. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.

I’m not sure I see it…

I don’t see it. Is it a comment notification or something? Like this on my profile pic?

That icon is for most forum notifications (which, btw, are highly customizable in the settings). Notifications for private messages are green and on the left.

Yes, it just looks like it might be a

so I was wondering if that was what @sgene might have been referring to.

Sorry, everyone. I should have attached a screenshot-here it is now. Look in the upper right corner for what looks to me like a blue crescent moon inside a lighter blue circle.

It means “do not disturb” which can be clicked on and off after clicking the “preferences” symbol. I must have accidentally turned it on when I clicked on preferences on my way to my account settings recently. I’m sorry I didn’t figure that out earlier. Thanks again.


cool. not a problem, you’ve now brought a feature I didn’t know about to my attention! I might even use it… I find myself checking Forum notifications compulsively…


ditto! I don’t recall seeing it as an option before… I wonder if it’s new?


It’s just appeared on mine after I changed notification settings. I’ve now turned off “do not disturb” but I’m pretty sure I didn’t turn it on.

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This is a new feature just added by Discourse: https://meta.discourse.org/t/do-not-disturb-mode/173734


Cool! How do you turn that on and off?

Check out tiwane’s link.

iNat needs a “Disturb Me More” mode… :)

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