How do I recover sightings from another account?

Ok this might sound weird, but, please, I need some help on this.

Last year, on 26.ago.2020, I had a previous iNat account (here) with a gmail account a friend created for me. It only lasted that day, because my then-PC broke and I lost the account (both here and in Gmail). I never had a password as I only accesed with Google, and I had to create another one on my new PC (this account).
So, pretty recently, I found this sighting which I recognized as one of my photos, and I added a tentative ID (genus Tetramerium) in hopes of resolving the longstanding mystery of this plant’s identity.
After a few searches, and with the help of this very descriptive PDF, I managed to ID the elusive plant (Tetramerium wasshausenii).

Proof it’s my account:

All taken the same day or the inmediate two days after, as you can see by the date.

More proof can be seen in notes of the original sighting, which references my Dicliptera peruviana sighting.

What I want is to be able to access the observations of said lost account and transfering them to mine, so I can have this taxa attributed to me (as I am the original author of the sighting).

Thanks, and apologies for the typos, English is not my first language. :)

iNat staff can merge accounts. Can you please email with this information? I can then look into it.