How do you select records of a species you have identified?

It is easy to find all the observations I have submitted identifications for, and it is easy to get all the observations of a species, but I couldn’t see a quick way to select where they overlap - all the observations of a single species on which I have suggested an identification. What would be the procedure, please?

I would use pisum’s external tool. As an example, these are records where you added an ID of Oniscus asellus:

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You can also use the ident_user_id argument in an explore/identify URL, e.g.

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That’s not quite the same kind of results, though the details are a bit in the weeds.

The results I pointed to were a list of identifications made by jhbratton of the taxon O. asellus.

The results from the Explore page are a list of observations that have the observation taxon Frullania, and which have an identification by kevinfaccenda of any taxon. That is, you may or may not have added an ID of Frullania, but so long as the current observation taxon is Frullania (or lower) it will be in the results. And you may have added a maverick ID of Frullania on another observation that won’t be returned here because the observation taxon is something else.

I hope that made sense…


Thanks very much to you both. I’ll try them out. I don’t expect to need it often. Its when I find I have made a mistake with an id and wonder if I have done it elsewhere.