How do you upload sound files to an observation

I’m trying to upload an mp3 file I exported from a video of a Gray Treefrog calling (important for identifying between H. versicolor and H. chrysoscelis) and it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried uploading it the same way I would upload a photo and also tried editing the observation after posting it and I keep getting “Failed to save recording,” or that little mole, or it just goes away when the page reloads. Am I using the wrong kind of file? Do I need to upload it differently from photos? Does my internet connection just suck?

Help plz.

I’ve been uploading audio for a while and it has worked fine. They get uploaded the same way as photos. I wonder if there is something wrong with the file maybe. Have you made a new version by re-exporting and tried that one?

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I re-converted it and it works now! Guess I did something wrong outside of iNat.



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