Cannot upload .wav file to web uploader

I am unable to upload a .WAV file from my computer or SoundCloud. I successfully uploaded it to ebird. With SoundCloud the message says “loading”, but it doesn’t load. From my computer source, the message says "unsupported audio type (it’s a .WAV file) or invalid file path. What do I need to do to upload this file? Thank you.

Whenever I’ve added sound observations I’ve done so as a .m4a file. Perhaps try to converting to this type?

I’ve uploaded mp3 format successfully.

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I’m fairly certain I have uploaded .WAV before, so I’m not sure if that’s the problem.

If this is still not working, can you please send the file to so we can take a look at it? A screenshot of the error would also be great.

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I’m sorry, ignore the last sentence in previous post.

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Sleuthed this with @sdz456 via help@inat. It likely has to do with their specific browser and/or setup.