How do you use summary and description sections in journal posts?

I’m a relatively new iNat user and am experimenting with journal posts. I notice there are “summary” and “description” links alongside each post, but I don’t know how to designate text for those sections, and posts made by other users don’t seem to make much use of them, either. I admit, so far, I have barely figured out how to copy and paste the codes for adding links or photos to posts. I’m hoping it’s something simple like that. Advice or examples of journal posts making good use of these would be appreciated!

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I don’t see those notations, but I’m using a PC.

What I understand is that to post a photo onto your Journal entry, it needs to have been online. I’ve modified online photos for ID purposes, and have had to post them to Flickr in order to post them into my journal. All this stuff can be a steep learning curve. I am no expert with this stuff, but have managed to post some ID photos into my journal.

I hope you get more clear responses!

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