How far back to go with Observations


I am new to this site and have just started adding my recents observations. However I would like some guidance on how far back it is useful to go when adding historic observations. I have loads of photos going back many years that I could include. Will this be useful information to add? How far back should I go?



So long as you know the date and location of the photos, there is no reason not to load all of it. It will all be welcome.


Thank you, thats useful to know!

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Have fun! And welcome to iNat! :)


If you are like me, your location records get a little fuzzier as you go farther back in time, particularly to pre-GPS days (whatever those may be for you). So I recommend paying special attention to the “Accuracy” field for the older observations, and make sure it is getting an appropriate value to reflect any uncertainty about the locations. Even with modern GPS locations, there is still always some amount of error (5 meters at least) that should be reflected in the Accuracy field.


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