Observations from years ago

What should i recommend to someone that wants to upload observations from lot years ago?

He remembers the Place where took the photos but without precision.

There is a guide or topic that I can use to inform him or that i can use like base?

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Can I upload older photos as observations?
This is a good topic that discusses this.


That’s fine. Others have done it. I’ve done it. He can put the place as well as he remembers, and adjust the accuracy.

The problem would be if he didn’t remember the date, because I don’t think there is a way to set just a month or year.


Thanks, i’m gonna take this like a base.


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If your friend is willing to put in a little work it’s possible to come up with a good guess of date.

I had some photos from an old tablet (since replaced) that had lost accurate date info when copied from tablet to cloud to USB flash drive to laptop…

In some cases the dates seemed reasonably close. Was it really the 23rd, or maybe the 20th? I don’t think this matters. (As was pointed out by @Star3 you need day, month and year; but I think a reasonably close date is not a huge problem.)

If it doesn’t seem accurate, do a little digging. I found dates by looking at old calendars (mostly digital) and e-mails. If you’re an inbox zero fanatic you may be out of luck, but if you’re like me you can search old e-mails for the name of a friend, walk group, etc. to get a date for when that photo was taken.

It’s worth a try.


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