How to input locations?

I am also new to this. I have a couple of fish inputs I would like to add to my observations. The problem is that they are old but know dates and location names. They also are from other devices so location is not added. When the map pulls up and I indicate where nothing happens. How do I input location of older opportunities?

Can you clarify if you are using the website or one of the mobile apps.

@onekoolkid0, the best way to add old observations like this will be from the website. There’s a tutorial here:

To add a pinpoint on the map, you just click the location on the map and drag the accuracy circle to your best guess. See the section of the video above that starts at around 1 minute and 17 seconds.

I use a PC to add my observations, so when I upload them there are two ways of finding the location. The first is a World map that you can keep enlarging until you find the location. The second is to write the area (say, Riverview , Winnipeg) in the box above the World map, and move the location to where I saw the organism. I suspect that fish are sort of like birds - the precise location is less important then the general area where the images were taken. I have learned that some plants need very precise locations, but fish, birds, moths, move around so the general location seems to be acceptable.

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