How frequent the User life lists are updated

Today I got an id for an species of Flatidae that got me excited since according to my user life list I reached 500 species.
Then I started exploring this life list, first with the Amphibians:

Immediately I realized that this list was far for complete.

An accurate list of the amphibian species I have observed is 13:

So my question is what’s behind this difference?

Thank you

Lists are a very old and very buggy part of the site, and hopefully not being too blunt here, simply do not work properly on their own.

On the list page at the top, you will find a drop down, I think it is marked Tools, or something similar (not sure if it is site performance or home internet, I think the 2nd, but I can’t get a list to even load right now to verify the exact word it has), which has 2 options in it to refresh the list.

Run those 2 tools (it only works on that list, not all your lists), and it will try and force it back into synch. But there is no guarantee how long it will stay in synch before you may need to do it again.

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I’m one who simply doesn’t even look at their life list anymore because it’ll say I’ve seen 533 species (but I really have 694) and half of them haven’t even be updated if some other iNaturalists update my misidentification. So I always use the “Your Observations” feature to view my real life list. And there’s many extra tools you can use to find what species you’re looking for.


I see, thank you @cmcheatle @birdwhisperer.
I did the “reload from observations” tool and now I have less species in total and the amphibian species remain the same :b
You have seen this problems in country checklists too?

You have to run both tools, not just the one. I’m not clear on the required order, or if there is one. I’ve only been able to get it to work running them in the order they are in the dropdown, but others swear it is the reverse order, and you need to do the bottom one first.

There is also an issue about what counts as a species seen in different areas of the site.

What do you mean by country checklists - a personal list that you have created that is only for a specific nation, or the system wide checklist that is partnered up to each place on the site ?

Thank you @cmcheatle, it worked, I tried first in the order they are in the dropdown:

  1. Reload from observations
  2. Re-apply list rules

But it didn’t work, then I did it in the opposite order and now the list is correct.

About the country checklist, I think is the system wide checklist that is partnered, because that’s where you can change the Establishment means status to Introduced or Native

I wonder if that list has updating problems too. They don’t have the tools menu though.

Users can not refresh system lists. If something is missing that you think should be there it is likely due to either geoprivacy or latency in indexing (there is usually a queue that gets dealt with for indexing, changes need to wait for that, it’s not immediate).

If you have examples of stuff you think is missing, posting them would help.

I asked because the Mexican checklist did funny things regarding updates I did on some Establishment means status. So I was wondering if that could be a reason. I opened a thread about it just a couple of days before this one:

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