Life List vs. Observations

Why is it that I get almost double the number of species when I click Observations vs. when I look at my life list? I thought new observations were supposed to automatically be updated to my life list.

Some, of course, are not identified to the species level, but I’ve unchecked that, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Are there other reasons why things may be in observations but not in my life list?

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It’s a bit of a long explanation, but there a few factors - mainly that the two count taxa in different ways, and that life lists is a buggy feature which isn’t always in sync with your observations. A thorough explanation is here:

I also need to add an FAQ about this on the website I apologize about that.


Thanks for the link. The main reason I like using the lists feature is because it has a tool to sort the taxa in a tree-like hierarchy. By seeing a number about half of what shows in observations, I was afraid I was missing some observations.

BTW, you have some errors in the document, e.g., “the the” and “taxa” used where it should be “taxon”. I’ll be reading through it more carefully later. If you like, I can make note of these for you.

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You may be interested in voting for this feature request, addressing this very issue.

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