How often do translations update in app?

I’m curious about the frequency with which translations from Crowdin are pushed to the app versions. For some time, the Portuguese translation of “we’re pretty sure this is…” has been translated as “Temos a certeza de que…” which gives a false sense of confidence. “Pretty sure” suggests some room for doubt, whereas the translation means “We are sure this is” which does not indicate any doubt.

When I look at Crowdin, I see an improved translation in Portuguese, apparently from two years ago, which is the currently accepted translation. But it has not propagated to the app. Is this is a bug?

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Here’s what the translation page says:

  • Ken-ichi updates the iNat Android app and website with new translations at the beginning of each month; Seek & iNat iPhone get updated when Amanda and Alex have time; release of translations onto the website and/or mobile apps may take longer depending on QA/QC checks.

As for the specific Portuguese translation, I can’t say. I’d ask Ken-ichi about it on Crowdin.

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iOS translations were last updated last September. Android translations have been integrated every month as usual, but for the past few months we keep running into bugs that block release, and then we held off on releasing because of City Nature Challenge. I just pushed a new build to beta today, and if nothing is terribly wrong with it I’ll start a production rollout next week.

In general we aim to integrate translations into the code AND release them every month, but we can’t always update the apps on that schedule.


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