How to add missing annotation fields?


I’m a relatively new iNaturalist user and would like to add fruiting phenology annotations for Taxus bacatta (, but there are no annotations available other than sex.

My apologies if I am missing something obvious, but how can I add/activate/access all of the annotation fields for species such as Taxus bacatta?

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That’s something controlled by staff. Currently, phenology annotations are only available in flowering plants, not conifers. If you are using the iNat website, you can fill out an observation field, under “Annotations” and “Projects.” These work a bit like community-created annotations, and are not restricted to certain groups of organisms. If you type in “phenology”, you will see that multiple very similar options come up - that’s one of the costs of having them be community created. Most of them should work fine for you, though.


What else you would like to be added for a tree? No other annotations we have now can fit it, but you can chime in discussing what you want to add in:

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Hi Chris and Melodi,

Thanks for your replies, I think what i’m looking for is a set of annotations for conifers that is analogous to the fruiting phenology annotations for flowering plants. It would be useful to be able to record the ripening times for cones etc. I’ll take a look at the thread you mention Melodi.

Thanks again!


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