Add annotations when creating observations


I wish it were possible to add annotations when adding the observations. As it is now, after adding an observation I have to open the observation back up and select values for the annotations then. Which is no problem for one observation, but when I add 20 observations at a time it’s a royal pain.


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By ‘attributes’ do you mean Annotations? If so, then there is a forum topic for this already - , and this feature has been requested there.

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sorry if i approved this one too fast, i’m a bit sleep deprived :) That being said the topic in the other thread isn’t a feature request so if this one gets clarified, we may want to leave it for people to vote on



Oh, you’re quite right, Charlie. Yes, let’s wait for clarification.

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My mistake - yes, I do mean ‘Annotations’ (no wonder my search under Feature Requests came up empty!) Do you still want to keep this? If so I’ll go back and edit my initial post for clarity.

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I agree, it would also be really good to encourage the use of annotations as I usually only see them on about 5% of observations.

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You can create observation fields at the time you are creating an observation. I believe every annotation has 1 or more observation fields that are automatically linked into it, so that creating the observation field automatically populates the annotation.

For example if doing insects if you populate the observation field called Insect Life Stage - that will automatically propagate into the Life Stage annotation. If you populate the observation field called sex, that propagates automatically into the Sex annotation.

For plants the observation field Flowering Phenology automatically populates the Phenology annotation. The Observation field Sex does the same here.

For birds (and I assume other families) the observation field Life Stage populates the Life Stage annotation

A little experimenting should hopefully find any others you need. You just need to watch that there are often many different just slightly differently named observation fields, and you need to find the right one.