How to approach apparent deliberate neglect on observations

Before I do anything, I want the opinion of the community before I say something stupid. I want to keep the user anonymous but it seems someone always figures out but I’m admin to a project to monitor species of little knowledge in a very specific region. A user, not currently a member of the project, has several observations that are automatically added to the project. Big problem is, most of his ids are misidentifications and because he’s opted out community id on his account, I can’t do anything to change how the observation is viewed on the project. And this majorly affects data since anyone who views the species list, will see species only found several states away from the project’s perimeters. I have tried making contact with the user in the past but I’ve never gotten reply, so he’s either not looking at his notifications or he’s deliberately ignoring them because of a contradicting id. Or it could be something else, I really don’t know but I’m getting the I’m-the-expert vibe which I’ve experienced too many times with experts who think there’s no room for improvement. What would be the recommended approach to trying to get observations improved without being rude or mean?

Sounds like it’s a collection project if they’re being added automatically, so you could always set the project to exclude their observations. Or, exclude casual observations, because if they opted out of community ID, and their ID is maverick to the community taxon, the observation becomes casual grade.


My project should be removing casual grade observations. I checked a few of the observations and they’re still “Need Ids”. I have done your first suggestion and removed his observations to the project (didn’t even know exclusion filter existed until today). I did review all of his contributions and out of 12 observations, 3 are incorrect and 2 are beyond my experience to know for sure.


feel free to send me a message and I can take a look - sounds like maybe not enough other people have weighed in, but it could be that the observations need to be marked as community cannot improve the ID, depending on what their ID is and what the community’s ID is (just depends on the situation).


I tested it out with one of the obs with multiple community ids and I clicked “No, it’s as good as it can be” on the Data Quality section and it turned the obs to casual, so I’m guessing that’s what is needed.


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