How to attribute the photo copyright to another person?

i want to know how to change the copyright for a photo at an observation i made.

I mean, i used my friend photo with his approval, so the copyrights are not main. so ho can i change them for a specific observation

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If you have seen the organism on observations, then click on triangle near “edit” on the observation page, and choose license editing.
If you haven’t seen the organism at the place and the time of the photo then better create a separate account for your friend.


As @melodi_96 noted, anything posted in your account will show your name as the copyright holder. The license level can be adjusted by you, but the name of the copyright holder will always reflect your account.

The site tolerates occasional posting of a friend’s photo with their permission (and appropriate notation in the comments) – but you can see why it is problematic. Better for them to have their own account.

And yes, whatever is posted should be something that the account holder personally observed.


You can add the observation field ‘Photographer’ and enter the photographer’s name there.

Also, if the associated Wikipedia article does not yet have an image of this organism, then consider selecting a license type that would be compatible with further sharing of the image. Under copyright laws, the only acceptable licenses for use on Wikipedia are CC0, CC-BY, and CC-BY-SA. A properly licensed image that is uploaded to Wikimedia Commons can then be used by all Wikipedia projects.

If anyone wishes to see one of their iNaturalist contributions used on a Wikipedia article that is currently lacking an image, message me and I will try to help you.

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