How to bookmark an Identify search excluding obs with "dead" annotations?

If I make an Identify search that excludes observations with an annotation of “dead”

and try to save it as a bookmark, either by using “Add Bookmark” on my computer or copying the URL, the search no longer has the “dead” exclusion.

Is there a way to bookmark a search that excludes observations with the annotation “dead”?

i don’t think the system is really designed to allow you to find all observations, excluding the ones annotated dead – at least not in one step. finding these would require at least 2 queries – one to find all observations with out an alive/dead annotation, and a separate query to find observations with an alive/dead annotation not including dead.

it’s not super intuitive (and some people think of this as a bug), but you you can see the discussion here for more details:


Thank you! I just hadn’t realized you could ask for the alive/dead annotation without specifying “alive” or “dead” at the same time. And this is actually a better search for my purposes than what I was trying to do.

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