How to cancel location obscuring for vulnerable zoo animals?

That they can be found again on the map?

For example Loxodonta in the Vienna Zoo, Austria.

Because the elephants are in zoos, they are considered captive and are casual observations, which (correct me if I’m wrong) don’t show up on the map anyway regardless of conservation status.


yeah and this also seems a very low priority because conservation organizations and the general public already have access to the locations of animals in zoos. There may be value in say, unobscuring location of planted rare plant species or something, but for a zoo, i can’t imagine a real need for this.

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Just add &captive=any to the URL and they are displayed on the map

I have created a place for the zoo and i just want to be the observations displayed there:

But the vulnerable animals are missing in the list because the location is obscured.
How to display them too?

You could add them all to a traditional project. If there’s not a huge number that would work pretty well.

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You can’t get the real location of obscured species to appear in searches etc for small places. The only options I can think of are as Charlie mentioned to do a traditional project, or theoretically convince some curator to go enter open geoprivacy entries to all places outside their native ranges. Ie add open geoprivacy for African elephants to Europe, Australia, North and South America etc, and repeat for every other species.

I don’t like your chances of getting support for that or finding someone willing to do it.

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