Question about un-obscuring taxon geoprivacy

Trachypithecus geei was introduced on Umananda Island. This is slightly outside their native range and has caused some confusion because the island itself is only 0.05 square km and the observations are auto-obscured to somewhat far away. It’s public knowledge that these animals are on the island so the risk from un-obscuring is low. I set the geoprivacy for Kamrup Metropolitan, AS, IN to open, but the two observations there are still obscured. I think I’m misunderstanding something about how the geoprivacy status works – can someone explain why and didn’t become open?

It is quite possible it is just getting held up by the ongoing CNC server issues. All sorts of stuff is backed up in the queue.

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Yeah, even during normal circumstances, changes to the auto obscure can take a little while to take effect, and given the heavy server load still happening now this one may take up to a few days, I would guess.

It’s been about 48 hours, but I’ll give it some more time.

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It’s closing in on a week and these are still obscured. Thoughts?

Maybe email

It doesn’t look like setting the geoprivacy open for a particular place will override a globally obscured taxon. I just tested it by making white rhino, a globally obscured species, set to geoprivacy=open in Illinois, and then creating a new observation in Illinois. The new observation is obscured.

Hmm interesting. And now the rhino poachers will all flood to Illinois :)

But yeah that has come up before. Can something retain global status but not applied over the globe for obscuring ?

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Is this how it’s intended to be? Would it make sense to allow nested places to un-obscure?

What would really make sense is to leave it up to the uploader to drag the radius out to whatever they think is appropriate? They can always just specify the locality in words anyway, if they want to, and then email the link to all their poacher mates!

What cassi said is correct. If there’s a global conservation status set to ‘obscured’ than all obs will be obscured even if there are place specific conservation statuses set to ‘open’

This came up previously with European Rabbit which is threatened globally acc. IUCN but invasive in much of its range. The hack was to remove the global status and create country specific statues (sourced to IUCN) for all the European countries where it is native
this leaves it unobscured outside of these countries. You could do something similar with Trachypithecus geei


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