How to change taxon parent ID?

I’m a new curator so I’m still learning about taxon changes and things.
My first problem is it seems that you can’t change or swap the taxon parent
I want to fix some taxonomic mistake on family-genus level in Zygoptera taxonomic tree.
For example:
In iNat, the genus Dimeragrion and Heteropodagrion is listed under Coenagrionoidea, which is erroneous. World Odonata List listed the genus under Heteragrionidae.
And Platystictidae should not be under Coenagrionoidea too, but under it’s own superfamily.
I don’t know who’s in charge of the taxon because it’s not listed anywhere

What could i do about this? Does flagging the taxon notify the creator?

Thanks in advance


The first step is to check the Curator Guide to see whether this is a group that is editable by any curator.

Odonata is considered “complete” and is locked, so only the curators listed here can edit it: (navigate to this page by going to the taxon page for Odonata > Taxonomy > Taxonomy details) You’ll also see a warning on the top of the taxon edit screen if the clade is locked:

Curators do not receive a notification when a taxon is flagged, the flag simply shows up in the list of all open flags. But anyone/taxon curators can filter to see all flags on their group of interest, e.g. open Odonata flags are here.

(You would change a parent taxon by going to the taxon page then clicking Curation > Edit Taxon. From there you’d change the Parent name and scroll down and save.)


Thank you for the explanation


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