How to check IDs of a particular place and a project?

I found how to see the IDs for a particular time range. But i want to specify location as india for this range. How do i specify location into this link??
and is it possible to filter IDs in this way specifying a project too??

I basically need the percentage pie charts, along with those specified criteria, similar to the one in this link

You can change the location in the box next to go and/or choose projects (and location) under “more filters” in the Identify filters:

For project-specific pie charts, I find the best place to look is under Stats within the project you’re interested in:


here’s a page that will allow you to see the equivalent data (though no pie chart) from the API via /v1/identifications:

the API allows you to specify several additional parameters, including place_id (ex., but not project_id.

the collections project stats page (as shown in the second screenshot in the previous post) does use a different, undocumented endpoint /v1/observations/identification_categories/ to get what appears to be a category summary at a project_id level. however, i did a quick sanity check to try to tie these numbers to /v1/identifications (or /v1/identifications/categories), and they do not tie. i’m not sure what the difference is, and i’d probably have to dig into the code to see exactly what’s going on, but i don’t have the time to do that right now. if someone else wants to investigate, please have a go at it.

as noted above, it looks like the identifications count reported here is incorrect. here’s some more information about the problem:

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