How to collect and sort helpful id comments

Identifiers often make useful comments when going through my observations but there are now so many that I am losing track of them. I wonder if anyone has good ideas on how to archieve them and sort them by species?
What I’m thinking of doing is to set up a Word doc, possibly a table with just two columns - one for the species and the other for the id comments. That way I can sort the species alphabetically and then see the associated id help.
Anything better?


I have relatively few obs of my own. I copypasta the useful info to notes of my obs of That species which is reasonably easy to find again.
Phylica plumosa

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You can use favorites or just web bookmarks. I also see people sometimes adding these to a journal posts that they can then link to.


I tag them with “IDcomment”. So I can search for a species and the tag to find them. I sometimes also put a link to some interesting literature and tag that as well.


there have been at least a few projects created to collect identification notes, although they haven’t been widely adopted:

it doesn’t look like there’s an observation field that serves a similar purpose.

the benefit of projects and observation fields is that you can set them up in a way that any observation can be added to a project (unless the observer explicitly disallows this), and an observation field can be added to any observation (unless the observer explicitly disallows this). theoretically, if enough people collect helpful comments in a project, then you could go there as a one-stop-shop for helpful comments, and you can filter for any given taxon, place, etc.


Another way may be to use lists to copy/paste useful comments for a particular taxon. I haven’t done this myself yet, but I’ve been thinking about it. Has anyone else tried this? Lists will automatically collate all your observations of a taxon and you can add descriptions and comments to that taxon in your lists. There are various ways of sorting taxa in lists. The advantage is that it would all be on iNat without requiring making a separate file.

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I copy and paste them into a text document with the file named after the taxon. I put the files all in a folder so they are auto alphabetized. I also put info from other sources (checklists, dichotomous keys, field guides, websites) in the same text file.

I use my favourites for that kind of thing, but I do like the Journal suggestion as well.
Wish we would have a better system for bookmarking observations on iNat… I am not using favourites for just any “amazing observation” I see on here anymore, which is a pitty sometimes. Some observations need a :heart: just because they look cool or document something interesting, but I can not waste my favourites on that anymore. My favourites are for IDing purposes only


Uh-oh, now if other people use the same tag, you’re in trouble! nice idea though.

Why? If I just search in my observations…?
I just know that for me it would never work to have another document where I collect those informations.

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If you just search in your observations you should be OK! I think it’s a smart idea, takes very little time.


You are welcome to use the same system - even same tag! :-)


I use, in iNat

So they’re not sorted alphabetically by Species, or Genus Species, but I can always find them.

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