How to find obs I have commented on

How do I refind observations to which I have added a comment but not an identification, please? The one I am looking for had been identified at the level of flowering plant, so not precise enough to find it through a taxon search.

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I think this is what you are looking for:


this seems like almost the same question as


Thanks, yes that found it. Is there a route to that comments page from the home page that doesn’t require you to know the url (if that is the right term)? I can’t see anywhere you can click on a comments button like you can for identifications.

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Remarkably similar. Maybe if I ask a couple more times, it will qualify as a FAQ.


Comments could be added to the More list on the Home page.
Make a feature request.

Thank you very much for this useful link.

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I was about to do so until I started reading all the rules on how to make a Feature Request. I’ll leave it for now.


I’ve seen several users put the link in their profile for their own ease of access.


That is a good idea. Thanks.