How to convert KML to different map projection?

I’m in the process of creating some places for Australia based on a bioregion system we have. I just created the first place with no issues, but when I zoom in on the map and inspect the borders, there are some bad errors. For example:

My assumption is that this is being caused by a conflict between map projections. The source from which I’m downloading the KMLs is using the Albers Equal Area - Datum: GDA94 projection, whilst I assume iNat, via Google Maps, is using WGS84?

If this is indeed the case, is there an easy way to convert my KML so that the borders align correctly? Or not possible?

KML by specification uses only a single projection, EPSG:4326

You’re downloading these as kml? I’m confused who would tell you they’re giving you a kml in Albers Equal Area since kml are definitionally 4326…

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in that case it’s just me misinterpreting here. The map I found visualising these bioregions noted it was using GDA94, and then KMLs were downloaded from the same portal, so I (incorrectly) assumed they were the same

any ideas on why the misalignment has occurred in that case, or difficult to diagnose?

well I figured it out, and unfortunately it’s nothing fixable, just an artefact of old/inaccurate mapping :(

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