How to create new places with .kml EASY

I would like to set up a couple of projects that aren’t listed as locations. I have tried in the past to set up .kml but haven’t had any success with this.

My two examples are Osprey Point, Isaak Walton League of Brown County, Wisconsin and Weber Woods in Tisch Mills, WI. Both are not listed and when I try to do the .kml it fails.

Fortunately there has been one fellow member who has helped me in the past, though I feel guilty about continuing to contact him about this.

I know that there are probably a plethora of members out there that use this technology daily. Is there any way there could be a suggest a location site (kinda like an ID, but for people who are really into KML

You can draw it in Google Earth or search the forum about how to find kml, there were some useful sites mentioned.

Did those. Doesn’t seem to work.

What exactly doesn’t work, websites don’t have rhose locations? Then drawing them is the easiest option.

if you’re trying to get help from the forum, you need to:

  1. provide the contents of the KML so that others can see what you’re working with. you can do this by linking a copy of the file stored in a publicly available cloud share, or you can copy and paste the text of the file into a code block in a forum post.
  2. provide the exact error messages that you’re encountering, or a screenshot of the problem that you’re seeing.

if you don’t feel comfortable sharing this information in the forum, then you can send the KML file and error message information to the iNat staff directly at


@matt227, what you want to do is really easy, but it is not easy to find uncluttered directions for doing it. After viewing a bunch of YouTube videos that were way too complicated, I found this one that shows exactly what you want to do to create a kml “place” for iNaturalist, starting from Google Earth. (You can ignore the part about using the ruler tool.)

(changed the title to more clearly reflect the issue of concern)

Thank you @janetwright Though I don’t have Google Earth Pro, I was able to find a similar video on youtube that works with just Google Maps (and No Narration :)

It isn’t the exact same as mine but it worked!

I also thank you for understanding the situation and offering me a new way to figure it out. Kudos.


You don’t need the Pro installed, just Google Earth > projects.

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