How to define an area

How does one define a geographic area so that only obs in that area are visible?
I know how to set up a circle like
and cannot find back how to do it for a square or some other shape. Would be nice to click 4 co-ordinates on a map and voila, but I remember it does not work like that.


You can make a shape (any shape you like) in Google Earth, export it (KML or KMZ, I forget which iNat prefers), and upload it to iNat when you make a project.

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Also, if you prefer, you can use directly the iNaturalist site:
on the dashboard, choose “More” and then “Places”,
once there, choose “Add a New Location”,
then, on the map (expand it), zoom in to show the area you want to create,
activate the “pentagon”, the tool to create the boundaries of the area,
create the area and save it, give it a name and other characteristics (available in the menu),
later on, if you need, you can edit it.
good lucky


thanks guys, works like a dream!

If you just want a simple rectangle, you can also use the “Redo search in map” button and edit the coordinates in the URL. This is less intensive on the website / site performance than creating new places.



iNaturalist prefers files in *.kml

thanks @bouteloua also for your suggestion…used a shape as per @nelson_wisnik advice…

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