Project Geographical area does not cover all that I want

I have a couple of projects on marine life around Jersey (Channel Islands) UK near France, and it covers Jersey, and the offshore reef of Les Ecrehous, but not the Minquiers to the south. I would like to cover all our waters really.

Doing a rectangular box is not really ideal either.

Thanks in advance Nick - Jersey

Welcome to the forum! I moved this from bug reports to general since this isn’t a bug.

I’m not sure I totally understand what you’re looking to add. It sounds like the Standard Place that iNat has defined for Jersey isn’t large enough for your project and maybe you want something more like this?

If so, you can use an external program/tool to draw this shape and then add it to iNat as a new place. Some external options are: Google Earth, Google MyMaps, QGIS.

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Thanks, yes that is roughly the area I want ( a bit more to the west - 12 miles, and covering the north west more).
I may ask a friend in fisheries if they can help, because I am sure they have probably done this sort of thing before, and they have more an idea of Jersey waters.
So pleased to know there is a solution.
Kind regards Nick Jersey

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best way i’ve found is to use google earth pro (which is free) and draw out a polygon of the area you want. you can then export the kml file and upload it to your project. sounds very technical but its actually very easy.

Tried that, but when I do it, it says it is a Kmz file not Kml or vice a versa.

On my google maps and created a map, but struggling to see how to get it onto inaturalist.

On inaturalist it does not appear to allow me to create a map manually.

Thanks Nick

It is the house type shape I want on the picture, or as long as it covers the off shore reef areas north and south of Jersey.

If you’re using Google MyMaps, you can choose to export as kml instead of kmz:

This video (previously posted by mat227) has a demonstration of the export process.

Once you have the kml, you should be able to post it to


Just found that out, and done it, a bit of a rough map but covers the significant area.

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