How to delete a common when a common name does not exist?

The taxon Plantago coronopus subsp. humilis has in iNat the Italian common name “Piantaggine a Cuscinetto” but this name refers to something else (P. subulata L. and possibly also to P. humilis Jan ex Guss.). If I try to delete this common name I receive an error message “Name is too short (minimum is 1 character)”.

I think that P. coronopus subsp. humilis does not have an Italian common name since it is not accepted as an independent taxon in our checklist. So, how can I just delete its common name without substituting with another?


I just pressed the delete button as usual and it worked fine. Not sure what the issue was? I cited this post as the reason.


You need to write something in the comment section (minimum is 1 character).

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The issue was that you need to give a reason.

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