How to edit location from public to obscured?

I recently marked several observations a public, when in fact the location is not open to the public. How do I edit the location to obscured?

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click the blue edit button top right of screen

Public doesn’t mean that people can go there, it just means that people can see where it was on the map.


Please don’t make observations “private” unless there’s a good reason to hide the location from people. If the observation is “private,” we observers can’t even know what continent it is on. Also, the observation usually isn’t useful for researchers. If possible, leave the observation “public” so everyone can know where it is. As @Vireya says, that doesn’t mean it’s open for the public to visit.

If you want to hide an observation, use “obscured” in most cases. That randomly places the observation somewhere in a box about 6 x 6 miles. That’s usually good enough to make the location hard to find.


Thank you all (thebeachcomber, Vireya & sedgequeen) for your comments. I learned what I needed to know!


You’re welcome!

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