Obscured location

I normally select observation location as obscured since most observations are from where I live. I was asked to have location obscured to within a 3 mile radius for my data to be used for a project. Is there a way to set this so it does this automatically (I always use the app to post observations)?


No, you have to do it individually for any records you wish to add it to.


So, was you asked to make it obscured somehow differently than it is now?

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I didn’t think it was possible to change how an observation was obscured. I thought it was either obscured, private or open. You can let project curators see obscured or private locations if you wish.


If it is your own observation, you can still change it after submitting the record simply by editing the record. With the caveat in the next paragraph, you can change in either direction, to obscure an open one or open an obscured one.

However, if the observation is automatically obscured due to conservation status, then it can not be changed.


Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. I know it’s possible to change it between obscured/private/open on your own observations if you obscured it. What I don’t think is possible is to “have location obscured to within a 3 mile radius”. I think everything is obscured using a rectangle (10km x 5km I think).

The obscuring box is roughly 22km in both directions, technically it depends on how far away from the equator you are as it is 0.2 degrees of latitude and longitude.

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