How to filter a collection project about dragonflies for exuviae, larvae, and tenerals?

I created a project to ‘harvest’ observations of dragonflies around my region ( and now I need to fine-tune it so I am only seeing observations of specific life stages of dragonflies (

My problem is that I can’t find any sort of tag or filter feature to allow me to ONLY harvest pics of exuviae, larvae, and tenerals.

Unless there’s a url for that you need to start adding observation fields to them.

Hi @blackriverbrat, the only available options for annotating life stage of dragonflies are Egg, Nymph, Teneral, and Adult:

Currently observations are only able to be labeled as containing an exuviae is by using an observation field. Collection projects do not currently have a filter for particular observation fields, but you can follow/contribute to that feature request here:

For nymph and teneral, note that you can currently only add a single annotation type to a collection project:


You don’t necessarily need to created a second collection project if you just want to see certain life stages within the first project. You can put a lot of filters into the url that aren’t available for projects or on the Explore page.

I think this section of the URL Tutorial topic will help you find the items you want to see.


This sounds like exactly what I need to do, but I’m just enough of a Luddite to need some “walk-through” assistance. Do I enter into my search bar the project’s URL, and then add on some of this “&term_value_id=” at the end of the URL? If so, then add a comma between the annotations?

Thank you!

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Ah, thank you…am I reading this correctly, I can only search for EITHER nymphs OR tenerals, but not both in one search?

You can use the search URLs to search for multiple annotations: here are all Anisoptera annotated as either nymph or teneral:,5

taxon_id=47927 is Anisoptera
term_id=1 searches those annotated with life stage
term_value_id=3,5 searches those with a life stage of nymph OR teneral

The Explore page is an old part of the site that is due for redesign and is missing a search filter for annotations. So I actually use the buttons in the filters on Identify and then removed the part of the URL that says /identify which will show the same search on Explore. The other option is yes, to manually type it into the URL.

You can’t get the same search on a collection project since they are restricted to searching a single annotation value at a time (show all nymphs OR show all teneral - can’t show both).

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