How to find my obscured/private observations?

Hi everyone,
I have a proposal to make.
The question is asked, when I wanted to use the filter in my observations to find my private and hidden observations, and I am surprised, when I couldn’t this function. The question to the responsibles, is it possible to add this option or function in the filter of of observations, that everyone can do it only for his own observation and not for the public.

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Hi @karimhaddad, this came in as a feature request but I moved it to #general. It’s currently possible to search for your obscured/private observations in two ways. The first: go to the top right and click Edit observations:

Then next to Geoprivacy, you can select “obscured”, “private”, or “obscured or private”. If you click the last one, that brings you to:

The other way is to click “Your Observations” at the top of the page and add this text to the end of the URL: &geoprivacy=obscured,private, to get:

Those are the observations you manually marked as obscured or private.

To find your observations where the taxon caused the observation to be automatically marked as obscured or private, due to its conservation status, you can use taxon_geoprivacy instead, to get:

Redesigning that second “Your Observations” aka “Explore” page is on the list of upcoming projects that the iNat team plans to implement. Perhaps they’ll add filters for geoprivacy in the redesign.


@bouteloua many thanks :+1:. It’s very easy to find. I never don’t think about this option.

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Tell me pls @bouteloua , how can see a private observations, because someone did the identification. I think it’s possible only by myself?

Private just refers to the map location. The photos and everything else are still public, but its location on the map is hidden.

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Many thanks

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