How to see private observation in one area?

Is there any way to find private observation seen in one region/country?

I think that defeats the point of having private observations.


If you filter by country, won’t private observations in that country come up along with the rest?

Apparently not, except for a few early observations (maybe the definition of “private” changed in 2015?):

I think the only way to see them by location is with the permission of the original observer, for example through a project with obscured/private permission granted.

is not possible, and that is what I was wondering and having in mind, if it was possible to see private observation per country, of course, with their location obscured as well. :(
I have no interest in seeing private coordinates or others that may alter any privacy guidelines.

So I guess the private observations that I have come across must be when I filter by taxon olny.

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