Include "identification comments" in total # of comments, comment search, etc


Text attached to an identification is not shown in an observation’s total number of comments. These “ID comments” do not appear on the Explore page, the “Edit observations” page, or when searching comments.

This is frustrating when trying to find a specific observation, like when a helpful identifier described how two similar species are different, but they attached the text to the ID instead of putting it in a separate comment.

It would be really helpful if ID comments were included in the total number of comments, comment search, and recent comment list. Other nice places for ID comments to be included would be in the observation filters (add a search for comments) and on /identifications (search for certain IDs based on having comments attached).

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Especially since the process invites attaching the comment re identification to the ID.



I’d like to heart but don’t see one on the original post - from your list of prior notes, it would seem that there is some pent-up demand. I wonder how hard it would be.



You can’t “like” (heart) a Feature Request, but you can vote for it.



Definitely a needed feature. We have a sort of interesting taxonomic issue within a species of paper wasps (a species with two forms is being re-evaluated as potentially two different species). I’ve noted form differences here in comments (in a way that would be easily searchable) as there’s an additional issue as to the proper name to apply to the form / species. The research is still ongoing but is looking like a split will eventually be necessary. Being able to search these comments attached to IDs would make that a much cleaner process whenever the paper makes it to publication.



What species, out of curiosity?



It’s a US species, Polistes apachus, with the second species tentatively denoted as Polistes texanus in certain circles.