How to follow iNaturalist Github?

I would like to get the Release Notes as i as less lucky with updating last year with the iPhone inaturalist apps…
Can i get the releasenotes there ?

And do they send it to me ? I mainnly need it to know when i should NOT update.


  1. Create a free account to sign in to GitHub, if you do not have one already.
  2. You can “Watch” the iNaturalist Repository of interest. For example, I am watching the iNaturalistAndroid Repository.
  3. You can choose to watch for Releases only, or all Activity, e.g.: burg reports, pull requests.
  4. You’ll get notifications at the email associated with your GitHub account.

Thank you. I want to know if a new IOS app is coming, which functionality is gone and which is new in it and if the new IOS app is stable.
Is this information in Relasenotes are should i choose another option ? IOS 3.0.3 seems to be unstable and crashing, but after two days i do not have problems with it, although i now have IOS 3.0.4 without knowing if IOS 3.0.4 is better of wors than IOS 3.0.3.
I just want to be sure that the new version is stable and at least as good as the one i have. I got nevous after crashing of IOS 3.0.3 although i must admit the "explorere"section, which i do not use, seem to be very very fast.
Is there an easier way to find out what is happening ?

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I am with you on this, @ahospers. I think in the app store for an update, if it could say something more descriptive than “bug fixes and performance improvements” (for example), I would be ecstatic. I do have a developer background followed by becoming a release and developer manager. We made short release notes that included what changed (from the perspective of the user) in each commit which would then show up in the release notes (or in this example, in the iOS app update description). Is this possible? I see what @xris is saying about watching the repository of interest, but perhaps a more user-friendly solution could be in order. I hope this makes sense.

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