How to I load a photo from my iPhoto library onto my Seek application to add to my 'observations'?

How do I load a photo from my iPhoto photo library so that it will appear in my Seek app as an ‘observation’ ?

I don’t think Seek works like that?

I don’t use Seek normally, and I only spent a few moments with it.

Rather than Seek, you could use the iOS iNaturalist app to upload your iPhotos as observations. The iOS app doesn’t have a lot of features either, but it is handy for uploading from your phone. Or, use the web app at to upload those photos for observations.

Is that confusing? Seek is one of a couple of ways to participate in iNaturalist. But it doesn’t have all the features or quite the same way of working.

Hopefully, someone will be along who can explain it better.

If you open the Seek camera, you’ll see “Photos” on the bottom of the screen. Tap on that to access your device’s photos.

You can also download the Seek User Guide here:


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