How to make a Place for my class?

I have been using iNaturalist in a DNA barcoding project at my university. We have ~85 Observations/year. My issue is that we are in a rural area, and the only Place I can use for our Project is our entire county! We end up having a lot of extra Observations from others in our Project because the Place is so wide. I want to set our Place to just the university, but I have to have at least 50 Observations under my own account to do so. Any hints for how to set a Place under these circumstances?


Ask one of students ho has 50 obs to do that, create a kml file for them to upload.


Making 50 verifiable observations is less than an hour’s work, so that should be an option. Alternatively somebody else could make the place for you if you wanted to share details.


Is it possible that you don’t need a place for the project? Can you elaborate on how the overall project is using iNaturalist observations, and ideally which ones you want to collect in an iNaturalist project?


If you’re interested in only collecting observations from your project members, you can check the box to only include observations from people who have joined your project.