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I would be interested in hearing people’s photography techniques for different birds, animals, etc. Okay, I know birds are animals too, but for clarity I listed them separately. Post your favorite techniques, or ask for tips on specific species/groups.

For example, in lieu of an underwater camera system, I sometimes use a circular polarizing filter to photograph salamanders near the surface. Then I continue dehazing the photo in Adobe Photoshop/Camera Raw. The red-spotted newt below is an example. (It’s a screenshot, the original was a little better detail I think.)

And my tip request: How do you efficiently find box turtles when you’re inspired to photograph one? (Maybe that’s impossible…:thinking::grinning:)


Just noting that box turtles are often targets of poaching. Please don’t share specific spots or details.

I should get one, I just can never make the decision to purchase it.

Not really specific, and more of a principle, but I think it’s really good to get down to the eye level of the animal (if you can - crouching is not easy!). It’s a much better look, and the background is usually less distracting. Having a camera with a flip out screen can make this much easier.


Yes, I’m not trying to promote that at all. But for example, the other week I found one in a tiny creek. He easily hid under leaves and became almost invisible. That’s what they seem to usually do. :grinning:

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For sure, I’m sorry if it came off that way. I just wanted to give others a heads up that box turtle locations should not be public.


Here’s a more practical question: how do you photograph tiny leafhoppers? Currently I take a super macro lens, go out to the yard, and try to creep up on them. I get decent shots, but my problem is that the high magnification/zoom means that I can’t get great depth of field. Handheld focus stacking at that magnification is difficult to do. Anyone have tips?

Not specifically leafhoppers, but for many tiny bugs I use the automatic focus stacking on my Olympus TG-6. I don’t know if getting another camera is a feasible solution for you, but it works well for me.

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I certainly don’t specialize in this kind of photography, but for small insects I’ll use a flash with a diffuser and macro lens on my camera, to get more depth of field. I usually shoot these at f/11 or f/13. Won’t get everything in focus, but I like the look.

Probably the most feasible solution at this point is to keep practicing until I settle on the perfect setup/settings. Thanks for the ideas!

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