How to post on inaturalist from a google photos album

I normally use Picassa 3 to organize and edit my photos and post it from there to inaturalist. However, I’m travelng and the laptop uses google photos. I exported the photos on the memory card to the laptop in google photos and selected the ones for posting observations into two albums, by date and location. I’m trying to making a deadline for posting for a bioblitz and have not yet figured out how to access photos in google album (s) to post observations.

I don’t know if this will help since I don’t use Google Photos, but I use Apple Photos and to post to iNaturalist, I export the photos to a temporary folder and then upload them from that, then discard the temporary folder.

  1. After a photo tour my photo’s are automatically uploaded from my android telephone to Google Photo’s as soon as my phone reaches WIFI network (typically when I’m home).
  2. On my PC I open Google photo’s (the 9 squares next to the profile picture and then the mill with 4 colours). I prepare a serie of photo’s (typically a day). Delete wrong photo’s, rotate and minor edits (colors, crop, etc).
  3. After editting I select a day (with one click you can do this) and use the menu item download. Then it generates a zip with all photo’s.
  4. I extract the zip on my computer.
  5. I upload all photo’s via inaturalist upload option. After grouping to observations and adding species names I save them all

Think it’s the same Janet describes by then with Google tech instead of Apple tech.


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