How to request Taxon addition -- iNat lacking many hybrids


Flagging parent taxons doesn’t seem to work – iNat’s taxonomy is still devoid of numerous semi-common hybrids. I’m curious, how can curators be made aware of this and action be taken? Will be happy to collect the dozens of examples I’ve seen if the taxon options are to be added.

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I believe there is an update to the bird taxonomy happening now, to bring into alignment with the latest Clements. The size and complexity of those updates are being looked at to develop better ways of handling them, so it may be a while before it’s fully up to date in iNat.

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There are only a few people authorized to make taxon changes to birds, and as @kiwifergus mentioned, they’re currently very busy (or are perpetually busy). check out the link above, and feel free to chip in.

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This question/issue is unrelated to the Clements updates as Clements does not list hybrids. Every hybrid in the database is a ‘deviation’ from Clements.

Right now flagging them is your only option. It is going to require patience, there is currently only 1 person who can add a new bird to the taxonomy, and they are kind of busy since they are also the CEO of iNat. I don’t want to turn this into a debate about why there is 1 bird curator, just stating the facts.


Yep, to request the addition of a taxon, head to the parent taxon page and click Curation, then Flag for Curation on the right side of the page. Leave a short note in the reason section and use the comments section to explain further or add supporting references. Don’t use an existing flag to request a different thing.

If you have flagged a bird, there is no need to @ tag loarie (Scott Loarie) because it will already be on his radar.

For discussion of the slow bird curation due in part to the complex and server intensive 2019 Clements updates, see


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