How to search for observations that are not identified to genus or below?

I’d like to create a list of my observations that are about moths (lepidoptera but not butterflies) but not identified to genus or species, so I can go back and research them. I have a search for “moths but not butterflies” but I’d like to exclude things that are already IDed to species and/or genus.

I could also use this for sorting observations to identify for others. Ideally, I’d like to be able to specify a taxon level and say, not below here, like subfamily or genus.

I thought this would be in the “using the search URL” topic but I don’t see it. Thanks!

Hi Becky,

I think this Filter function may be the answer to your question:

– Your Observations (‘Species’ = Lepidoptera, or any other group)
– Filters – Rank [High = Order, Low = subfamily, for example]

This should weed out all of the observations already identified to genus/species/whatever level you specify using the ‘Low’ rank tab.

Hope this helps!


This should do what you are asking I think :

This is where you set the filter as @dustin77 describes :


That’s it! Thanks.

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Thanks! That’s it. And I don’t even have to use the URLs, except for moths, which require the taxon exclusion.

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