How can I find certain observations?

I would like to find certain observations, that I did over the last couple of years.
For example how can I find all of my observed moths in my area? If I enter in the " Filter" under description/tags the word “moth” only a few of my observations are showing up. If I enter “Lepidoptera” even fewer moths and butterflies are showing up.
Any idea what to enter or how to do this kind of search?

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It sounds like you need to be using the species search bar instead of the description filter.

If you’re asking specifically for a moth search, that’s been discussed in several places that I’ve gathered in the following link:


If you search for moth in “description/tags”, only the observations where you typed the word moth in your description will show up. You want to enter Lepidoptera in the Species box here:

If you want to exclude butterflies and just look at moths, you can add &without_taxon_id=47224 to the end of your URL, as they explain in the thread Thomas linked above.


Thanks, that suggestion looks like it is working especially with the add on.
But in general how do I find these numbers: eg id=47224 is butterflies?

Every taxon has an ID number, which you can most easily find in the URL of the taxon page. For example, if you go to Lepidoptera’s page you can see the number 47157 in the address bar. That’s the ID number for Lepidoptera, which will also automatically be part of the URL when you search for Lepidoptera.

Likewise, if you go to the page for Papilionoidea (butteflies), it shows 47224.


thank you so much

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