How to search for subdivisions within plants?

Why can’t we subdivide plants at least to the class level? For interested, I’m much more interested in ferns, horsetails and lycophytes than in seed plants in general but have no way to filter for these.

Like this? I just typed a class into the search box:

@arboretum_amy, that gets all the Ferns and Horsetails) but doesn’t include the Lycophytes because those classes collect at subphylum Vascular Plants.

@janouse, “class” has a specific taxonomic meaning, lower than the division between ferns/horsetails, and lycophytes. You probably mean a non-taxonomic collection of the Classes Polypodiopsida and Lycopodiopsida within Vascular Plants.

You can use the browser command line to select multiple taxa. Here is a tutorial about the command line:

To find all the unidentified ferns and lycophytes in your default location, try pasting this in your browser command line:,47623&quality_grade=needs_id

If you need to look in multiple locations, this command will show everything in Texas and California:,18&quality_grade=needs_id&taxon_ids=121943,47623


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