Filtering for higher taxonomic ranks, but including all observations

I’ve tried searching for this but I haven’t found anything. Is there a way to filter all observations to just see section or genus level taxa represented? For example in genus Carex, there are numerous sections that range from one to many species. I’d like to filter for section level data, but using the “Rank” dropdowns in the “explore” filters returns only observations that have been IDed no further than section. I want to see a section level list of observations, but also including all species IDed to species as well, but displayed at their section level listing.

Basically, can I generate a list of Carex sections observed in a specific region, as just using the “Rank” filters eliminates everything that’s been IDed to species?

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I’m not totally sure I understand what you want to see – are you looking for a set of observations or a set of taxa? That is, if there are 3 observations of Carex pensylvanica and 2 observations of Carex albicans, do you want to see 5 observations or a list of 2 species?

Some examples of what you can do –

If you want to see all observations within Section Acrocystis in the US (identified at any rank), put Acrocystis in the taxon box and USA in the location:

If you want to see the list of species within Section Acrocystis with observations in the US, click the tab that says 26 to get this:

One thing you can’t do in Explore is return all observations in genus Carex, sorted by Section. That has been requested before and you can add a Like to the post to show your support.


Another example outside Explore –

You can list all species and subspecies within genus Carex observed in Ohio, sorted by Section with this link:


returning all observations in genus Carex, sorted by Section is what I’m after, thanks!


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