How to sort observations for IDing or Exploring?

In Identify or Explore is there a way to select for observations that are for Magnoliopsida only - that is, there is no finer distinction. When I do identifications, sometimes I don’t agree with the original name but don’t know what it is except it is a dicot or a vascular plant. When I put that into the name box, Magnoliopsida or Angiopermae comes up. Or sometimes my name is unrelated to the original and the result is “Magnoliopsida”. Is there some way to select to see these, sort of like looking at plant unknowns? I think it would be interesting to try to identify these from other people, too But how do I find them without getting all the vascular plants in the location I’m using to filter with? Even being able to sort the “species” alphabetically would be useful.

In filters, under description/tags just put Magnoliopsida, that should do it

Thank you, I never would have thought to use that space, it seems to work!

since Magnoliopsida is at class, set your filter so that you get taxa no lower than class.

for example:


As @pisum says, you need to use filters for highest/lowest taxa.

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Thank you, I have never paid attention to those boxes, they were just mysteries for the computer minded. Very useful advice, Thanks.


I’ve been IDing for a long time, but I just learned about those boxes recently, too. Very useful!

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