how to see my position in the world ranking. Both in observations and number of species. I don't know why it doesn't appear in the list of 500

Looking at the list of the 500 largest and observers and who has many confirmed species I am not. However, I own over 6500 and over 2000 species

The top observers tab ( only lists the top 500 observers, and then you can sort those users by number of observations or number of species.

Since you have 6,274 verifiable observations, that’s fewer than the person at rank #500 (who has 6,410) and you won’t appear on that page unless you add some filters, like top observers within a country or of certain taxa.

Notice that if you sort by species, the user at the bottom of the list has observed only 112 species - but made 9,410 observations of them!


You’re looking good in Brazil though. Almost 3x more species than anyone else.
(hmm, is there anyway to provide a link that forces a sort by no. species not no. of obs?)


Not that I’ve found, I’ve tried! Maybe in the redesign…

It has a list with the number of presentations and the number of species. They are different, aren’t they?

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