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Out of curiosity, I was trying to find a way to check my “standing” on the list of the top observers of all time. I know it is possible to see such list through the “observers” tab in “Explore”, but that only displays up to 500 observers (and I’m way below that threshold). Is there a way to generate such list with all the users and not only 500? Or, in alternative, is there a way for me to know my “standing” on iNat’s list of observers?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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normally i would point you to the iNaturalist API to get at least up to the top 10,000 records in such a list, but the observers endpoint doesn’t seem to want to give me results past the first page right now (ex. so then if that doesn’t work, i don’t think there’s a good way for regular users like to find your position, if you’re not in the top 500 observers for a particular set of parameters.


Seeing as you’re not in the top 500 globally, maybe you want to aim for the top 500 of your local region first. Once you’re there, get into top 500 of the country… Then continent… Etc. If that’s your goal.

I’m pretty competitive, so I also like to know my rankings even though it’s arbitrary, and means nothing about my actual personal worth. So long as you’re still contributing quality data, and are enjoying yourself, I say why not have a little extra motivation.


I really need to learn how to work with the API. Every time I try it, I end up knowing less than before ahahah
Thanks for the tip!

Yeah, I agree with you. And that is my little goal, to climb the ladder while uploading my data. I only wanted to know how low on the ladder I am ahah

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Looks like you are well placed in Portugal and perhaps 500 records from placing in the top 500 for Europe.

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It all comes down to making more observations then ;)

It might be tough. I slipped in the rankings both observation (70th to 99th) and species wise (52th to 65th) in Ontario despite adding an insane (for me) 852 observations and 231 species compared to last year.

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