How to set the default zoom level for Google maps?

This one is the default zoom level:

How can i set up the default zoom level to that one?

Maybe setting the accuracy in the coordinates?

It looks like the accuracy is set to 2 meters in this example. I can’t imagine how that would cause Google Maps to default the zoom level to the entire world, or if so, what one would do differently to change it.

Good point

Propably i did not express myself good enough so i made a screencast of the steps what i did.

Everytime when i save a new observation, the zoom level of Google maps is set to that one which is visible at the beginning of the screencast and it always takes a long time to set it to the right level, about 40 seconds in my case.


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I’ve definitely encountered it. When I upload the observation it is at one zoom level, probably determined by the place it gets associated with.


Then when I edit the observation, it snaps out to a very large area (Whole of NZ, as I have NZ set as my default place in settings)


If I cancel the edit, it doesn’t alter the zoom in the observation view. If I was editing something else, say the description, then the zoom level is not something I am thinking about while doing that edit, and after I save, it has also saved the new “whole of NZ” zoom level.

This has always frustrated me, and I don’t know why I have never thought to report it as a bug! The zoom level in the edit screen should pick up the original zoom level of the observation rather than automatically trying to change it!

Possible this is a Google Maps issue beyond the control of iNat, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Maybe let this thread run a little longer first to see if Staff or someone else can offer a solution or workaround.

Good thought there – the bounding boxes of some standard Google Maps locations could be quite large.

Of course it is

The defauts can be set up (but currently only by iNat developers)

I have set Europe as my default place, changing it to my city in Europe did not took any effect to the default zoom level of Google maps.

As far as I’m aware, the default zoom level for observations posted via mobile is not editable before uploading. It’s probably intended to be zoomed out a bit to provide context to the location. (The first post in this topic is a bit misleading because that is the zoom level in the edit view, not how the map appears on the observation detail page.)

I did not use the mobile app.

The map on the observation detail appears like this (as default zoom level):


But i want to have the default zoom level look like this:


Disclaimer, I did not read through the details of this thread about how to set the default level. I would just like to ask GeraldA the reason for wanting to set the default level so low. In your nicely illustrated example, I (as an identifier or “explorer” in iNat) would prefer the level that shows the metropolitan area, as then I know about where in the world it is. If it’s zoomed down to neighborhood level, I will have to zoom it out again to understand where it is. So I think the somewhat coarser level is better as a default. Does this make sense?

closing to focus in one place: