How to upload someone else's photos while giving them credit?

An elderly friend has given me many insect photos on a usb stick and I would like to upload them to iNaturalist, with his permission of course, but would like to put his name on the copyright acknowledgement. He doesn’t have an iNaturalist account… How do I change the copyright attrition to his name, not mine?

you can’t. you might consider helping him to create his own account, and then load the photos to that new account.


I have a friend who is happy to see his photos uploaded but doesn’t want to do it. I helped him set up an account – choose a name and password, post of picture of him. I’m usually the one who runs his account and uploads his photos – with his permission each time, and letting him know when I’ve done it. He’s beginning to do things with his own account now. Talk it over with your elderly friend, and maybe this will work for him.


That sounds like a good workaround. Thanks!

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